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The Friesian horse descends from one of Europe's oldest breeds of warmbloods and in the past has suffered from the ravages of the foreign trade and extensive cross-breeding. Even though with only three breeding stallions left in 1913, the multi skilled breed is represented with around 1200 horses in North America today. The Friesian breed is equally skilled at multi-level dressage, trotting, and driving, and its high step and elegant movements are the result of its long being favored by breeders throughout Northern Europe.

In 1995 we immigrated from Germany to Canada and imported twenty Friesian horses of the highest quality from Holland. We became proud members of the Friesian Horse Society (FHS) and started breeding this noble horse in the beautiful Okanogan Valley in British Colombia.

In 1997 we went to Texas with our keured stallion "LAES" to the 50 day breeding stallion performance test. His outstanding performance earned him the Championship. Only since the test have we been allowed to breed with our stallion. Beginning from 1998 his offspring achieved always excellent scores from the German judges (1. 2. and 3. premiums).

The mission of the Friesian Ranch is to offer our customers in the USA and Canada Friesians of the highest quality with outstanding advice and guidance. Only horses registered with the Friesian Horse Society or FPS (the Dutch breeding organization) will be found at the Friesian Ranch. Registered horses are by Approved stallions and out of Studbook, Star, or Model mares.

We are able to deliver this value at highly competitive prices compared to other breeding businesses within Canada and the US. The reason for this exceptional value proposition is selected import of breeding horses from Europe, the use of our own natural resources on our ranch and our passion and dedication to the Friesian horse.

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